Purgatory Online

Friday, October 25, 2002

And now, a few words about the dumbest moments of this, or any, World Series. First of all, the entire idea of ranking baseball's most memorable moments is a concept of staggering doltishness to begin with. Why in God's name do we care what most people perceive as "most memorable?" What, exactly, do we do with that information? Is there some point to this, beyond demonstrating to the masses that baseball can put on pre-game festivities that are every bit as turgid and loud as the Super Bowl's?

Then again, judging from the reaction Pete Rose got, I suspect that the masses wouldn't know their asses from a hole in the ground if you gave them a textbook on telling them difference and sent them to an adult-education class. Rose bet on the Reds, a violation that carries an automatic punishment of being declared permanently ineligible, agreed to a settlement in which he agreed not to contest the ban, and is manifestly unrepentant about the whole thing. Nuts to Pete Rose.

And nuts to MLB, too, for delaying the start of this game until after 8:30 Eastern Time for this foolishness. Are they really so irony-impaired that they don't see anything wrong with letting this vapid twaddle ensure that millions of people who don't want to stay up until midnight won't see the end of the game? Better celebrate those memories, pal, 'cause you sure ain't gonna be making any new ones. If kids on the East Coast hadn't already been irretrievably lost to basketball and football, this had to have pushed them over the edge.

Finally, while we're on the subject of children, the daycare that is the Giants' dugout is ridiculous - and dangerous. J.T. Snow shouldn't have to worry about plucking the manager's three-year-old son out of danger as he crosses the plate.