Purgatory Online

Monday, October 21, 2002

Angels 11, Giants 10. I didn't think it was possible for games to be more exhausting than they have been over the last six weeks, but somehow this one was. Michael Eisner is quoted in the L.A. Times as saying "have you ever seen a game like that? That's a good as it gets." No, Michael. "As good as it gets" has scores like 14-0 and 22-3.

Ugly as last night was, of course, a win's a win, and this one meant more than most - it buys the Angels the opportunity to get their home-field advantage back with one win in San Francisco. Ordinarily I don't put much stock in the home field advantage, but in a short series every little bit helps. And now, it's best-of-five.

Frankie Rodriguez was amazing, and it was good to see him come back after he was looking gassed in game 5 against the Twins. Hopefully he'll be available again by Wednesday at the latest.

And finally...that home run by Bonds. I can only say it because the Angels won, but JESUS H. CHRIST IN A CHICKEN BASKET, HE HIT THAT ONE A LONG WAY!