Purgatory Online

Saturday, October 19, 2002

The Angels may use a four-man outfield against Bonds. Wacky, but if that's where his hits go, then that's where it makes sense to play him. Shifting Eckstein over to the other side of second base worked reasonably well against Giambi (except when it allowed Jeter to take third on a steal of second because Glaus had to cover second and no one was left to cover third). I wonder where in the outfield Kennedy will play, though? Bond's hit chart does show a propensity to hit grounders to the right side and spray fly balls - would it be an even distribution of four outfielders at a similar depth? A softball-style "deep second" alignment? And has Kennedy ever played outfield before? According to his ESPN profile, he's played 3,765.2 innings as a major league second baseman, and 0.2 as a center fielder.