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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Giants pitcher Jason Christiansen is in trouble with Major League Baseball for putting Darryl Kile's initials and uniform on his cap during the World Series. Kile, who died suddenly earlier this year and pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals, and Christiansen were teammates and friends. Sandy Alderson, who is MLB's Executive Vice President, and Bob Watson, who is in charge of discipline, went so far as to accost Christeansen in the dugout to tell him he couldn't wear the cap...despite that fact that Christiansen isn't on the World Series roster and won't even be playing.

Technically, of course, MLB is right that this violates the "one team, one uniform" policy. But that doesn't mean this isn't the basest, sorriest, most incompetent decision they could have made. No, you don't want everyone decorating their caps differently, but if a guy in the dugout wants to pay tribute to his dead friend, I think maybe you could have a little compassion and look the other way. I'm not as critical of a lot of MLB's actions as some - stopping the All-Star Game and ending it in a tie was absolutely the right decision, by the way - but they deserve every bit of bad press they're going to get over this.