Purgatory Online

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I've actually had this weblog since May, and wrote the occasional piece to post as a kind of experiment - do I want to write about baseball every day, or even every week? I've turned the archives off primarily because the previous postings were so sporadic that they're pretty much worthless - an Angels game here, an outbreak of steroids allegations there. Now, of course, with the Angels in their first-ever World Series, I wish I'd been more diligent about it all.

Right now, however, I'm reminded of one of the major reasons I have a hard time writing daily about this topic. When the Angels lose, it's a lot harder to relive it, drag out the mistakes and look at them in the sunshine (or in the fog, anyway - the weather here sucks right now). I'd really rather wait until there's good news.

Unfortunately, it was Giants 4, Angels 3 last night. This one hurt, for a lot of reasons. Obviously, being up 3-1 is a whole lot better than being tied 2-2, even if two of the last three are at home. And it's never pleasant to lose a three-run lead, even if two of the critical "hits" involved (Rueter and Lofton) were entirely matters of luck. Most frustrating, though, is the knowledge that the Angels shut down Barry Bonds to no avail. Of course, when you're talking about Bonds, "shut down" is a relative term, but in general they got away with walking him when they walked him, and got away with pitching to him when they pitched to him. That may not happen again.

There is one silver lining for me personally in all this - I have a ticket to Game 7. If it goes that far, I'll be flying to Anaheim Sunday to see my first postseason game, and my first game in Anaheim. I'm still rooting for the Angels in six.