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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Rob Neyer is annoyed about the "loophole" that allowed Frankie Rodriguez to take a spot on the Angels' playoff roster despite being called up on September 15. Quoth Neyer:

"It might be one thing if Rodriguez was taking the place of, say, Troy Percival or John Lackey. But the intent of the rule is presumably to allow a team to replace a key member of the roster, and Steve Green's major-league experience consists of exactly one game and six innings, on April 7, 2001."

What Neyer ignores is that, prior to his callup, Rodriguez had even less experience than Steve Green - zero innings pitched, in zero games played. That's right, Rodriguez's major league debut occurred on September 18, 2002. So one inexperienced pitcher was replaced by another, who turned out to be fantastic, against all odds. Two words: tough noogies.