Purgatory Online

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Ross Newhan, in the L.A. Times, describes Bonds after last night's game:

"It was much later, as he stood at a locker protected from the media rabble by his black leather lounge chair and personal television, that Bonds was asked if he could take any satisfaction from the home run records he is in the process of setting or tying in this Series and postseason?

"'No,' he responded cryptically, turning then to what has been his mantra: 'I just want to win, I just want a World Series ring.'"

Really, Barry? No satisfaction? Is that why it took you almost as long to get to first base after your dinger as it took Tony Bennett to sing the first two bars of the National Anthem?

After three games, it seems as if the question being settled here is whether or not a group of extremely talented baseball players, playing as a team, can beat another group of talented players plus one superstar who happen to wear the same uniform (Bonds, you'll notice, wouldn't even deign to high-five his teammates during the introductions). Bonds does make a difference - without him in the mix, the Angels would be looking for the sweep tonight - but for all his moon-shot home runs, for all the respect he's given as the most fearsome offensive player of our lifetimes, his feats are merely marvels, not inspirations. Whereas the Angels, who have batted around six times now in twelve playoff games, are feeding off each other.