Purgatory Online

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Tonight, Game 6. Kevin Appier v. Russ Ortiz. Again. The last time this happened, we got an 11-10 slugfest. Tonight, well...

Appier says that he's identified a slight flaw in his mechanics from that 11-10 game, and that's good, I suppose, but I think that at this point just about every starter the Angels have is out of gas. There's really no reason to believe that Appier will be any more crisp this time around, just as there's no reason to believe Ortiz will, either. So this one will likely come down to a battle of the bullpens again, and the Angels can't rely on Weber, who has looked completely cashed in during his last two appearances. They can probably get some work out of Donnelly, Schoeneweis, Rodriguez, and Percival (especially Percival). But the Appier-Ortiz portion of the game could result in a swing of several runs either way. Dice-tossing time.