Purgatory Online

Thursday, November 14, 2002

The ESPN list of top 50 free agents includes nary an Angel. Every one of the everyday guys is coming back. I think the only three free agents are Dennis Cook, who will probably retire, Orlando Palmeiro, and Alex Ochoa. Palmeiro and Ochoa were both valuable off the bench this year, and we'll need them or guys like them, but overall the 2003 lineup will look a lot like 2002. Even the platoons - Kennedy/Gil and Fullmer/Wooten - will remain intact, barring off-season injuries.

On the pitching side, the Angels will almost certainly try to snag some left-handed relief, since Scott Shoeneweis is their only lefty in the bullpen, and he's not happy about relieving in the first place. There are some pretty scary candidates out there (I'm looking at you, Graeme Lloyd), but Mike Stanton, Felix Heredia, and Mike Remlinger are all available. They'll all be multi-million per year guys, though, and I have no idea what management's philosophy on taking on additional payroll will be. Considering that Disney is still trying to sell the team, it's probably unlikely.