Purgatory Online

Monday, November 18, 2002

It looks like the biggest challenge facing Mike Scioscia in 2003 is going to be keeping everyone happy with their roles on the team. Case in point: Fullmer wants to play every day. I can't blame him - up until this year, he's been a solid, if not spectacular, DH as an everyday player. The problem is, Shawn Wooten has hit lefties very, very well, and it seems obvious that a Fullmer/Wooten platoon is the way to go, statistcially speaking. Kennedy and Gil have both also expressed a desire to play full-time, making the second-base platoon unstable as well (actually, Kennedy showed a lot of improvement against lefties throughout 2002 and could probably start full-time, but then Gil would definitely demand a trade and the Angels would lose a great bench player). Toss in the already-discussed Schoeneweis situation, and it starts to look like it's pretty important for Scioscia to defuse all this before it gets out of control.