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Monday, December 02, 2002

Doug Miller, who reports on the Angels for MLB.com, has an offseason column called "Miller's Mailbag" that has some interesting tidbits, among them the fact that the winning player's World Series share was $229,351 this year. Miller also thinks that Frankie Rodriguez will continue in the role of set-up man to Troy Percival, rather than being given a starting slot.

Given that this is a guy employed by MLB, writing on the MLB website, I don't know how much faith to put in what he says about certain things. Most of the time he seems pretty reasonable, but then there's this answer to a fan wanting to know if money concerns are going to be a factor in the clubhouse next year:

"The Angels are a unique team because they don't let any outside influences or non-baseball-related thoughts enter their minds once they get to the park to prepare for and play games. Don't expect that to change any time soon, especially with Mike Scioscia at the helm. The players understand that the money issues will take care of themselves. They'll arrive for Spring Training and get back to the business of defending a championship. They realize how fortunate they are to have the team makeup they've built, and they won't sacrifice that for petty concerns."

Look, I'd love to believe the Angels are above all of those "petty concerns," and in all honesty I think they really are pretty focused on baseball. But these days teams are lucky to have two or three guys who don't worry about what they're paid, let alone twenty-five. This doesn't make them bad people, just people. It's going to make Scioscia's job more interesting, that's for sure.