Purgatory Online

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Judge Kevin McCarthy has ruled that Barry Bonds's 73rd home run ball of 2001 should be sold, with the proceeds split evenly between Alex Popov (who initially caught the ball) and Patrick Hayashi (who ended up with possession after the ball came loose from Popov's glove in the ensuing melee). Personally, I didn't give a rat's ass which of them ended up with the ball. Two things about this story did catch my eye, though:

1. According to the story, "the judge made a point of saying that if he awarded the ball solely to Hayashi, it could send the wrong message to fans about civility in the stands." So the proper message is that being a brutal thug will only get you half a fortune?

2. Why not cut the ball in half? And not for some neo-Solomonic attempt to determine which of the two truly cares about the ball, either. I'd bet that the two halves of that ball would be worth more than the undivided ball, plus we'd get to look forward to some bozo with more money than sense eventually "reuniting" the pieces.