Purgatory Online

Monday, December 16, 2002

So I saw an episode of "She Spies," the show on which some of the Angels will be appearing, this weekend. It's actually pretty funny - it comes across like a spoof of stupid undercover cop/detective shows. The writing's pretty good, and the humor is bizarre enough that you don't know what to expect ten minutes ahead of time. The first scene of the episode had the three beautiful ex-cons who now secretly work for the FBI hanging in chains while interrogated by an evil mad scientist:

EVIL MAD SCIENTIST: I'll ask you one last time - who do you work for?

BEAUTIFUL EX-CON #2: And I'll tell you one last time - yo' mama!

EVIL MAD SCIENTIST (puzzled): Yo-Yo Ma? You work for the cellist?

Okay, so it's not The Kids in the Hall. It's still better than I thought it would be.