Purgatory Online

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

You know, when I first saw this I ignored it, despite (probably because of) how completely stupid it was. But now, more than a month after the end of the World Series, ESPN's MLB page still has the following quote from Joe Morgan at the bottom:

"All the intentional walks ruined the World Series for me as well as for Barry Bonds. I asked him if he was having fun because of all the walks and he said he really wasn't. It's just a shame. (Former Astros manager Larry) Dierker started that process last year and everyone built on it. It's a black eye on baseball. I don't know how you can change it though. There is no way you can control it really. It's one of the shortcomings of the game."

Forgive us, Joe. We didn't know that the point of baseball was to provide fun for Barry Bonds. We were unaware that the team with the best single player was supposed to win. We were ignorant, O Maestro, of God's divine plan to bring you amusement.