Purgatory Online

Thursday, January 16, 2003

The Angels continue to place their waterfowl linearly: Adam Kennedy gets a one-year, $2.27 million deal, while Scott Spiezio gets $4.25 million for one year and Jarrod Washburn gets $3.875 million.

Meanwhile, the New York Times is quoting Tom Glavine as saying, in opposition to Bud Selig's plan to have the All-Star Game determine home-field advantage for the World Series, that "I would find it hard to believe that most players would want the outcome of the All-Star Game to determine home-field advantage for the World Series," the players apparently being much more comfortable with a home-field advantage determined by whether the year ends in an odd or an even number.

Anyway, I finally ordered my official Angels season retrospective DVD from the Orange County Register, and my official 2002 World Series retrospective DVD from Deep Discount DVD. Look for insightful reviews of these two film in this space forthwith.