Purgatory Online

Friday, January 10, 2003

Selig wants the league that wins the All-Star Game to have home-field advantage in the playoffs. From the article, it sounds like he's probably going to implement his plan, which will surely make the All-Star Game more interesting. I'll be particularly keen on seeing how much this effects managerial decisions. I'm sure the managers for both sides will say that they won't manage any differently, but will, for instance, Mike Scioscia be tempted to leave a stud pitcher in from a team that's 20 games under .500 for an extra inning or two if the Angels are in the hunt for a playoff spot? Will Dusty Baker keep the best lineup on the field for nine innings?

For too long now, the All-Star Game has been the fifth tit on a cow - boring to fans and a pain in the ass to players. Short of getting rid of it altogether, this is probably the best thing Selig could have done.