Purgatory Online

Friday, January 03, 2003

This year, the annual Hall of Fame Game won't be played on induction weekend (it's actually usually on a Monday, I think, but that still counts as the "weekend" for our purposes) due to a scheduling conflict. The game is normally played at Cooperstown's Doubleday Field, a gorgeous, well-maintained park with a capacity of just shy of 10,000 that sits just down the street from the Hall itself. Ordinarily the game is a pretty big draw, even though it takes place a day after the inductions (meaning that a lot of folks have already left town), but I can't see many people making the pilgrimage to Cooperstown just to see the Phillies take on Tampa Bay in an exhibition game. Granted, the new date this year is July 16, which is the Monday after Father's Day, but even so...

Doubleday Field also hosts a New York-Penn League game every induction weekend that takes place before the induction ceremonies; that's still on for this year. If you ever find yourself in Cooperstown while that's going on, I highly recommend it.