Purgatory Online

Monday, March 24, 2003

As if I needed it, another reason to look forward to Opening Day: the Angels' spring training record is utterly wretched. A 0-0 record is starting to sound really good.

You hope, of course, that spring training is being used to work the kinks out, but then you read that the Halos have the worst batting average in the Cactus League and have made more errors than any other AL team, and you start wondering exactly how many kinks the team has. Have they gone from brilliant to hapless in five months? We'll find out starting March 30 - either my fears will be put to rest, or I'll withdraw away from reality into a Gollum-like state of catatonia, rocking back and forth while clutching my World Series DVDs and whispering "my precioussss...my preciousssss..."