Purgatory Online

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Here's an idea almost as bad as three-legged jeans: play some regular-season games in Europe. Europe's never been especially receptive to baseball. I mean, there are leagues in a couple of places - Italy for sure, and I think the Netherlands - but there's nothing like the popular interest that the game has in Mexico or Japan, or even Australia (and that's not to give you the impression that there's a lot of interest in Australia, either). And unless they did it right at the beginning of the season, it'd be a huge disruption on the schedule, since you'd have to give them at least a couple of days before and after the games to deal with jet lag and travel concerns, plus all the shit the players will have to take from their families, who will want to go too and make it into a vacation. I'm all for building international support for baseball in places that have shown an interest, but I just don't think that the average European cares all that much. If you're from Europe, or have some insight into this, let me know what you think.