Purgatory Online

Friday, March 14, 2003

Tim Kurkjian has a roundup of statistical milestones likely to be achieved during 2003. Most impressive to my mind: (1) Bonds is seven steals away from being a 500-500 guy, when no one else in history has ever been even 400-400, and (2) Jeff Kent is 49 doubles away from breaking Ryne Sandberg's record for two-baggers as a second baseman, despite (and Kurkjian doesn't mention this, so shame on him) playing more than 700 fewer games at that position (okay, to be fair, it's likely to be more like 500 fewer by the time the record is broken, but still).

Also, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens will likely break the 4,000 strikeout plateau. Somewhere, Nolan Ryan is folding his newspaper and smiling indulgently. We'll wake you when they hit 5,500, Nolan.