Purgatory Online

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The latest Moreno price cut at Edison Field: doing away with higher prices for tickets to more in-demand games. Over the short term, this is understandable - Moreno wants to get a repuation as a fans' owner, a populist in the mold of Bill Veeck, perhaps, and lowering ticket prices is good press. Over the long term, though, pegging at least some ticket prices to demand just makes more sense. If I'm going to spend $20 to see a baseball game, why would I spend it to see the Devil Rays on a Tuesday instead of the Red Sox on a Saturday? But if the D-Rays ticket cost $16, and the Sox were $22, maybe I'd think about it.

Okay, probably not. But I'm sure some people would.

Moreno's move is in direct contract to the latest bit of idiocy from the Chicago Cubs, who actually own a ticket broker service to which they release blocks of unsold tickets, which are then resold at scalpers' prices.