Purgatory Online

Thursday, July 17, 2003

The Angels took home the ESPY for "Best Team" last night. Okay, they didn't take it home, exactly, because they're in Baltimore, but you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, Rex Hudler has an interesting take on what Fullmer's injury does to the Angels, strategically:

"I feel for Brad," Hudler said. "He worked hard, took a pay cut and was really gearing up for a good year. But I don't think it hurts the team as much as people thought it would. With Fullmer — and this is nothing against Brad — Mike's hands were tied. I think this is good for the team. It frees up Mike to use those other guys."

Maybe that's a little bit of looking for the silver lining. I don't know. But it does seem that, as long as everyone else is healthy, the Angels have plenty of OF/1B/DH types to stick in the lineup. The general mutterings about the Angels' possible moves as the trade deadline nears have focused on picking up another bat, but I'd be a lot happier if they found a middle infielder they could rent until next year. With David Eckstein contributing precious little in the way of offense, and Kennedy having a decent but unspectacular year, I'm beginning to cast covetous glances at the Expos' All-Star second baseman Jose Vidro. I mean, yeah, he makes 5.5 million a year, but the guy's middle name is literally "Angel," for God's sake.