Purgatory Online

Monday, July 21, 2003

Baseball Prospectus's analysis of the Angels' situation pretty much agrees with mine: the rotation has been shaky, but the offense - and the middle infielders in particular - has been to blame as well. And I think we can officially add Troy Glaus to the list of underperforming Angels now. Actually, let's not. "Underperforming" is too nice a word. Glaus has been sucking like the proverbial Electrolux. He's got eight hits in his last fifty at-bats, and has driven in five runs in his last fourteen games while hitting immediately behind Garret Anderson, fifth in the lineup. And he looks terrible at the plate. I didn't get a chance to see the games on Saturday and Sunday - there weren't carried on the MLB Extra Innings package - but on Thursday and Friday he appeared listless at the plate, waving the bat informally at balls low and away that he didn't have a prayer of reaching. Friday in particular, it was obvious that he just couldn't stop himself from swinging at the low-and-out slider.