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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Finally, a win. But not a convincing, thump-em-till-they-cry win, an "excuse me, would you mind if we scored just one or two more runs than you?" win. The L.A. Times story I just linked to is almost quaintly naive; "The Angels repcatured their World Series form Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays..." Nuh-uh. In World Series form, the Angels won by scoring 11, 10, 6, and 4 runs against the San Francisco Giants. Putting three on the board against Tampa means the offense is still in low gear. Five of the starters in the lineup drew oh-fers, and if it hadn't been for a solid - though sometimes adventuresome - start by Ramon Ortiz, they'd have been in trouble.

The Angels come to Texas for a short series today and tomorrow, and even the Everett-less Rangers pack more than enough offensive punch to beat the Angels if they can't start hitting.

I should also mention that Troy Glaus is day-to-day after suffering a shoulder contusion in Monday's game; he sat out yesterday and may not play today. I wish I could say that this hurts the Angels' offense. Get well soon, Troy, and then get better.