Purgatory Online

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Last night the Angels gave their fans a little window into what could have been, beating the A's 2-1 in a well-played pitchers' duel. Jarrod Washburn and Barry Zito both put zeroes on the board through seven, then turned it over to the bullpens. And - despite everything else going wrong - the Angels still have the best pen in baseball. The offense may have needed a couple of lucky breaks to score their runs, and Percival may have surrendered a leadoff homer in the ninth, and it may just be one game out of four, but I'll take it.

Washburn was incredibly shaky in the first couple of innings. He looked a little like he was having trouble placing his front foot during his delivery, which would explain why he was outside a lot to right-handers. Once he settled in, though, he looked a lot better. Hopefully he won't require 29 pitches in the first inning of every game to get reacquainted with the mound.