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Monday, July 14, 2003

Manny Ramirez won't play in the All-Star game due to a hamstring injury, meaning that Garret Anderson will get the start in his place. Two Angels in the starting lineup? Holy crow...

Anderson will also participate in the Home Run Derby portion of the All-Star festivities, to be broadcast on ESPN tonight at 7:00 Central Time (5:00 Pacific).

Anyway, I'll say this about the All-Star Game: I know a lot of people who are skeptical about the whole winner-gets-home-field-for-the-Series concept, arguing that such a thing shouldn't hang on the outcome of an exhibition, or that the All-Star Game should be just one of many factors determining home field. But the closer we get to the playoffs, the more I like the idea. Despite the inane "This Time It Counts!" and "The Excitement is Back!" and "Oh My God, I'm Dancing Back And Forth From One Leg To The Other In An Effort Not To Wet Myself, I'm So Excited By This!" commercials, the fact is that, for the first time, there really is something tangible riding on this All-Star Game. It's not just a chance for the game's best players to injure themselves with half the season to go, and maybe I'll actually be able to watch the whole thing without falling asleep this year. I think that the folks who argue that we should also consider interleague play and various other factors have a point, but let's not complain because we're only taking one step in the right direction at once.