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Monday, July 28, 2003

Maybe the Orange County Register's Cheryl Neubert knows something I don't.
Quinlan's recall does not mean the Angels are done adding to their roster. Owner Arte Moreno will allow them to add payroll. The Angels need a bat. Since they will not deal top prospects or core players, they would like to take a young player from a team that needs to dump salary.

No source on where she gets her information that Moreno will allow them to add payroll this year. Maybe it came to her in a dream.

An outfielder such as the Pittsburgh Pirates' Brian Giles, who is owed $17 million over the next two seasons, would be a good fit. So would St. Louis Cardinals outfielder J.D. Drew, though he might not be available because Jim Edmonds is not healthy. Texas Rangers right fielder Juan Gonzalez is available and likely would waive his no-trade to come to Anaheim, but he is making slow progress from his calf injury and might not be ready to play for awhile.

An outfielder essentially replaces Jeff DaVanon, who is hitting .310/.364/.523. Giles would actually be a significant upgrade over DaVanon, even if you ignore the fact that DaVanon's numbers have been falling for a while now. But apparently the smart money lately is on Giles going to San Diego.

And the rumor is that J.D. Drew is going to Seattle, possibly for Freddy Garcia. In the long term, that's probably a pretty bad deal for the Cardinals, but right now they're so desperate for pitching that Garcia's 5.17 ERA (including a 4.70 ERA at Safeco, where the overall cumulative ERA is 3.92) looks good. I should also point out that the cumulative ERA at Busch Stadium is 4.85. Good luck, Freddy!

As for Juan Gonzalez, who makes $13,000,000 per year and is on the disabled list...give me a break, okay, Ms. Neubert?