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Thursday, July 31, 2003

So how's that for being responsive to the fans? Mere hours after yesterday's post, the Angels announced that they're releasing Kevin Appier, and will replace him in the rotation with Scot Shields. I guess I'm really on the hook now if Shields blows chunks, huh? Releasing Appier means that the Angels will still be responsible for the remaining $15.67 million of his salary, which is a record, but Arte Moreno apparently feels the same way I do - that keeping him would just be throwing good money after bad. Or, to be more accurate, throwing good starting opportunities after bad.
The Angels acquired Appier from the New York Mets in a December 2001 trade for Mo Vaughn. He went 14-12 with a 3.92 ERA last season. Moreno saluted him for helping to deliver the first World Series title in club history but said it was time to move on, noting the Angels would not save any money by keeping Appier.

"We're trying to take a long-term view and not put Band-Aids on things," Moreno said.

You know, I'm really starting to like that guy.