Purgatory Online

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

All right, I'm back.

I suspect that anyone journeying to this blog right now will be in search of an opinion about the single biggest event in this, or any, Angels' off-season: Rex Hudler's reinstatement as the Angels' television analyst. Yes, it's a triumph for the fans and the Wonder Dog himself that the Angels' brass was able to see past his occasional toke on those funny cigarettes and bring back one of the most entertaining broadcasters in any sport. Welcome back, Rex!

Oh, and I guess the Angels signed a couple of free agents this winter, too. One of the secret joys of making big baseball headlines is the ability to scan the message boards and blogs of other teams in your division; herewith my team-by-team summaries of AL West fans' reactions to the Vladimir Guerrero signing:

Angels: "Holy shit!"
A's: "No big deal! No big deal! He's not that good! In fact, there's no such person!"
Mariners: "We're dooooooooooooomed! Also, Bavasi sucks!"
Rangers: "We like pie!"

More tomorrow on what the Guerrero signing means to the Angels.