Purgatory Online

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Angels have agreed to terms with both Jarrod Washburn and Ben Weber on one-year deals, avoiding salary arbitration. The Angels never release contract details, but Washburn is likely getting in the 4-5 million range, while Weber should come in at around 1.2 million. This leaves David Eckstein as the only unsigned Angel for 2004.'

Meanwhile, the trade that would not die has resurfaced. Like Carrie, the A-Rod deal has thrust its mouldering arm through the soil of its own grave, meaning that Angels fans are now officially free to speculate again about the possibility of Nomar Garciaparra playing short for the Halos. Last month, conjecture was that the Red Sox would trade Nomar to the White Sox, who would turn around and deal him westward in exchange for pitching. Chances of all that happening are currently somewhere in the "Al Sharpton gets the GOP nomination" category, but I note that - purely as an academic exercise - Garciaparra's 11.5 million salary is nearly equal to the combined salaries of Jarrod Washburn and Troy Percival.