Purgatory Online

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

You know, I've been doing this for a while now - sixteen months or so, albeit irregularly. When I started, I figured it was a pretty ripe area to get into, since the Angels traditionally don't have the media exposure that a lot of the East Coast teams get, and there weren't any fan sites out there above the level of "This is my totally rockin' Kirk McCaskill fan page!!!!!! Kirk should be in the Hall of FAme!" (including "blink" tags; last updated: 1994).

Since then, I've been stunned by the lack of Angels fan activity on the web compared to nearly every other team in the majors. Take a look, for example at the blogroll at Baseball News. Folks, there are twenty Mariners blogs out there. Now, I know that some of them are one-offs, guys (and gals) who tried the blog thing for a couple of days and disappeared forever. But, as near as I can tell, the only sites (besides this one) that made even a tokn effort at day-to-day commentary on the Angels have been the following:

The Monkey's Paw, which started out strong last summer, but stopped posting at the beginning of September, and the imaginitively named

Anaheim Angels Blog, which opened its doors last October, and is still publishing.

So that's a grand total of two currently viable Angels blogs out there, for a club that won the World frickin' Series two seasons ago. Am I missing something? Is there some vast unknown Angels blog community that I have yet to stumble upon?