Purgatory Online

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Since there's not much going on in Angeldom today, in lieu of actual content I present to you my distilled takes on a troika of stories at ESPN.com:

Regarding Sean McAdam's discussion of why football, not baseball, is now the national pastime, save a big chunk of that blame for fans who get their panties in a wad when there's a baseball work stoppage, but couldn't care less when it happens in football. You want more people to watch baseball? Maintain competitive balance. You want competitive balance? Revenue-share and salary cap. You want revenue-sharing and salary capping? Ain't gonna happen without a long work stoppage, bo.

In another head-scratching bit of timing at ESPN, Jim Caple asks that evergreen question, "when's a gay active ballplayer gonna come out, anyway?" Caple makes the laughable assertion that, assuming a 3% national homosexuality rate, "we can expect an average of perhaps one gay player per team." Yo, Jim - that 3% don't extend across all groups, you smell me? Some professions are going to be a lot higher, and some - like baseball, which normally requires a grueling, years-long climb through the minors in an organization that's not exactly gay-friendly - are going to be a lot lower. I'd say maybe one gay player per league might be about right. Beyond that, though, the question is why on Earth any sane person would want to have everybody and their dog talking about their sexuality? Maybe the gay Major Leaguers (if there are any) just don't want Jim Caple camped out on their doorstep, asking them how it feels to be a symbol.

Finally, and best, we have Doug Glanville's account of his off-season trip to South Africa. This has nothing at all to do with baseball, and yet it's kind of nice to see a ballplayer make the effort to put a few paragraphs together on a subject that interests him. Good for him.