Purgatory Online

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Angels don't seem terribly concerned (see the last question in the article) about the fact that they're not likely to start the season with a left-hander in the bullpen. It makes me a little nervous, but not too much - both Frankie Rodriguez and Brendan Donnelly had sub-.200 batting average against numbers when facing left-handed hitters last year, so it's not like the Angels have no options when it comes to getting them out. Additionally, of course, since neither of them is a left-handed "specialist," they can be left in against righties, rather than using up a bullpen spot on a guy who would only come in to face one or two batters.

Would I like to have a southpaw version of K-Rod to call upon? Sure. But if you go out and grab somebody just because he's left-handed, and his BAA or OBP numbers are higher than Rodriguez's or Donnelly's, well, that's just pointless.