Purgatory Online

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today, both the Orange County Register and the L.A. Times mention the possibility that Jose Guillen will move into center field if Garret Anderson stays out much longer with his biceps tendinitis. Anderson would play left, a position that presumably would cause less strain, until he's ready to play center. This is silly on so many levels. Until Anderson is recovered, playing anywhere greatly increases his full recovery time. Yeah, it might be worse in center than it would be in left, but even playing left substantially increases the risk that it will become a chronic problem, causing him to miss more time down the road. And, more to the point, the Angels already have one of the best center fielders in the game, currently squinting in at the plate from 95 feet down the first-base line. Assuming we're talking about a matter of a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months, it makes more sense to plug Erstad back into center and move Guillen or DaVanon to first, rather than risk Anderson having to leave multiple times during the season.

Meanwhile, John Lackey got pounded yesterday by the Mariners, giving up four runs on six hits in three innings, while striking out three and walking one. The Angels managed to scratch out one run in three innings against Terry Mulholland, who is six years older than Moses, then were shut down the rest of the way by a couple of minor-leaguers and Julio Mateo. Guerrero, Salmon, Erstad, and Guillen all had base hits.

Fortunately, the Angels currently lead the Diamondbacks 5-0 in the top of the eighth, meaning that Bartolo Colon presumably pitched effectively.