Purgatory Online

Monday, March 15, 2004

Ramon Ortiz, Jarrod Washburn, and Aaron Sele are all mentioned in various places as prime trade-bait today. Ortiz is named by ESPN as more likely to go than Washburn, while The Orange County Register reports that Washburn and Sele seem to have been showcased lately. The logic for this latter proposition is odd - it seems to be that, because they've pitched on the same days as each other (in split squad games) for their last two starts, somehow they're on the block.

The word on Sele seems to be that he's healthy and pitching reasonably well. At this point, though, none of the potential starters have tossed more than a few innings, so it's probably still pretty difficult to evaluate who would be best kept, and who best trade. Complicating this is the fact that, at the moment, both Scot Shields and Kevin Gregg have posted better spring numbers than any of the six guys above them in line for a starter's spot.

The Angels are done with split-squad games for the spring, meaning the first round of assignments to minor-league camp. Eric Cyr, Tim Bittner, Ryan Budde, Jared Abruzzo, Alberto Callaspo, Erick Aybar, Nick Gorneault, and Tommy Murphy were all sent to join the minor-leaguers.