Purgatory Online

Monday, March 08, 2004

Today's game against the Mariners is being broadcast on ESPN, beginning at 2:00 Eastern. It's the first of two nationally televised spring training games for the Angels, the other being on Monday, March 29, versus the Cubs on ESPN2 (starting at 3:00 Eastern).

I have yet to see anything official about who will be playing in today's game, but Ramon Ortiz or Kelvim Escobar will probably start, since they're the only two Angels starters who haven't pitched yet. Frankie Rodriguez should also get in a little work. In the lineup, all of the projected starters except Jose Guillen and Garret Anderson played yesterday, and Anderson may or may not be recovered from the shoulder pains he was having, so it's useless to predict who will get the at-bats.