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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Here's an article on the Angels' site comparing Chone Figgins to his friend, Marlins CF Juan Pierre. They are similar...except the Marlins have figured out where to put Pierre in the batting order...

Speaking of Figgins, anyone care to wager whether he'll end up with the league lead in triples this year? He's got five in 71 at-bats so far, and, if he stays in the lineup, could easily be the first guy in sixty years to hit more than 21 in a season (Lance Johnson hit 21 in 1996 and Willie Wilson hit 21 in 1985). And no one's hit more than 23 in eighty years, nor more than 26 in ninety-two years. The single-season leader in triples, Chief Wilson, had a mind-boggling 36 in 1912 (I know, ballparks were bigger, people hit fewer home runs). Aside from Wilson, no one hit more than 26 in the entire 20th century. Figgins doesn't play in the best triples park around - I'd guess that would be Detroit - but he surely does like to round second without slowing down.