Purgatory Online

Monday, May 24, 2004

The Pirates are expressing an interest in Aaron Boone, whom the Angels might also pursue. Boone is supposedly not going to be physically able to come back until August, by which time I'd imagine there would be some stability at third base - and, who knows, maybe Glaus's optimistic September/October return date might prove true.

As for rumors of a possible Raul Mondesi signing...well, these seem a little farfetched. Mondesi was released by the Pirates because he had missed several games to deal with a lawsuit in the Dominican Republic, and that situation remains in place today (his next hearing is in mid-June; the suit centers on whether he promised to pay former major leaguer Mario Guerrero 1% of his future income in exchange for coaching). Obviously, signing a guy who's not going to show up isn't going to do much good. Additionally, Mondesi does nothing to address the situation at third base, instead providing the Angels with another OF/1B/DH type when they're already pretty set in that department, and may even have a logjam when Darin Erstad and Tim Salmon return.