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Friday, May 28, 2004

Raul Mondesi says he's an Angel, and that he's starting in center field on Sunday. The deal, according to Mondesi's statement to the AP, is worth 1.75 million and runs through the end of the season.

Oh, goody gumdrops.

I've never particularly liked Mondesi as a player, but beyond that, he's still supposedly dealing with the same issues that caused him to miss all those games with the Pirates, precipitating his eviction from Pittsburgh. And then to go shooting his mouth off about when Scioscia will play him and where...well, that's a little much, considering there still hasn't been an official announcement from the team.

I suppose the bright side to this is that having center field resolved means that Scioscia will have to play Figgins at third if he wants to keep him in the lineup, putting Shane "The Second Coming of Jose Offerman, Shortstop Edition" Halter back on the bench, with occasional appearances at DH. Halter has made a jaw-dropping nine errors in 25 games at third, for a preposterous .873 fielding percentage over 168 innings. Halter's never been an especially good fielder, but his work at third had improved enough by last year that he made just two errors in 368 innings. I suspect the problem right now is underconfidence and overthinking, but the Angels just can't afford to give away extra outs in their current predicament.