Purgatory Online

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I imagine there may be a few people laughing up their sleeves in Cincinnati and Oakland this morning; apparently the Jose Guillen complain train has pulled into Anaheim station. The Register advises that not only were we misled on Sunday, when Guillen was said to have been a late scratch so he could have a day off, we were subsequently sold a different bill of goods when the culprit was described as a stiff lower back. No, apparently Guillen was scratched on Sunday as punishment for missing a team photo opportunity, because, in his words, he "just didn't feel like coming outside."

That's today's story, anyway. What's the next incarnation of this farce? Did Guillen shoot Scioscia's dog and moon a busload of nuns?

In any event, Guillen looks to be in deep doo-doo in the clubhouse. You'll recall that he was Mr. Instigator a couple of months ago, complaining that he was always getting hit by pitches because the Angels pitchers were too chickenshit to retaliate, prompting Jarrod Washburn to sit him down for a little come-to-Jesus meeting. Now, on the heels of his little bench-riding comes word that Guillen was the only Angel to skip a players-only meeting before yesterday's game. The Register says that Guillen claimed to be "unaware the meeting had been called," while the Times quotes Mr. Pouty thus: "It doesn't matter to me," he said. "I'm just trying to do my job. The meeting isn't going to mean anything. I'm just here to win."

Said meeting was called by Darin Erstad. And who's got Ersty's back with the press? Aw, you know who:
"I think it was time for something to be said," Jarrod Washburn said. "It was good timing on his part."
Oh, boy. I bet this is a team that's really looking forward to playing the next two and a half months.