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Friday, July 23, 2004

I couldn't make this up if I tried:
On Wednesday, Guillen told three reporters — in three interviews — that he did not attend that day's players-only meeting.

"It doesn't matter to me," Guillen told The Times. "I'm just trying to do my job. The meeting isn't going to mean anything."

After Angel management canvassed some players Thursday, Scioscia told reporters that Guillen did attend the meeting.

Guillen refused to confirm that, and said, "Who cares?" He also told reporters, "I'm not talking to you guys the rest of the season."
It's like the old Tonight Show, when Johnny Carson would ask whether Doc Severinsen was there, over and over. "Jose is here? Jose is not here. Oh, Jose IS here?"

Meanwhile, the same story puts Anderson as day-to-day, but unlikely to play against Seattle. The Angels will likely call up an infielder from the minors and move Figgins to center field for a few games, presumably at the expense of Matt Hensley, who was called up a few days ago to give the bullpen an extra arm. That's assuming, of course, that Josh Paul retains the eerie power to cloud men's minds [alternate theory for Douglas Adams geeks only: he's got a Somebody Else's Problem field generator!] There's no word yet on the official site, but the Times speculates that Dallas McPherson, despite (a) being a third baseman and (b) slugging the crap out of the ball in Triple-A (10 HR in 82 AB!) will remain in Salt Lake. The Angels may be gunshy after seeing Kotchman "underperform" in his debut in the bigs, and are expected to draft one of the usual suspects - Amezaga or Riggs - or possibly Alex Pelaez. Pelaez would be an interesting choice; he's never been more than a second- or third-tier prospect, and seemed destined to fizzle out before smelling the bigs. He's spent significant time in the PCL in three different seasons before this one, with no power to speak of and an average that ranged from .250 to .309 (which, in the PCL, isn't all that hot; .250 is positively Mendozan). This year, however, he's hitting .343, with 25 strikeouts in 239 at-bats. He's also 28 years old, so the clock is ticking on what has to be the most evil-looking man in the Angels' organization.

Personally, I think the idea of getting McPherson up for a few games is pretty appealing - but so was promoting Kotchman. Given that this is likely to be just a three- or four-game stint, no matter how well he hits, I suspect the Times is correct, and we'll see one of the other three. My hunch is that Scioscia may be sick of Amezaga and Riggs at this point, and they'll give Pelaez his first chance to make a case for staying with the organization in 2005.