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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

...by which I mean the Angels may want to look into just skipping the rest of the season and going directly to the winter meetings.

The Halos got their clocks cleaned so thoroughly yesterday that they're still humming the Winchester chimes, by a club that just shouldn't do that kind of thing to championship-caliber squads. I didn't see the game, thank Christ.

Tonight, the Angels stumble into Arlington for a pair with the Rangers. I'll be at tonight's game. Lucky me.

Elsewhere in the Angelsphere, a couple of my fellow bloggers are engaged in a little competitive urination over the usefulness of Jeff DaVanon. Tee hee hee, fellas. DaVanon is a competent fourth outfielder, probably a little bit better than Orlando Palmeiro in 2002, but not much. The problem is that he's in the lineup more often than he should be because of Troy Glaus's injury, and he's being more prominently placed in said lineup than he should be because of the astoundingly bad season Tim Salmon is having. Don't blame DaVanon, whose doing about as well as could be expected given his role on the team; blame Salmon for not being the everyday force he's supposed to be.

Incidentally, Troy Glaus - despite having played in 29 of the team's 93 games thus far, is still third on the team in home runs, with 11. And #4 ain't close - GA has 7. The Angels are 11th in the league and 23rd in the majors in home runs these days.