Purgatory Online

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The strongman pauses, then returns the valise to the space beneath his bed, his leopard-print unitards still hanging neatly in his closet. The elephant trainer goes to town to buy more peanuts, while the tightrope walkers double-check the knots on the safety net; looks like they'll be leaving it in place for a while yet.

Because the time has not yet come, you see, to fold up the tents and leave town.

After two straight shutouts of the mighty Texas offense, the Angels are three games out of first entering a four-game series against Seattle, a team that's posted a gruesome 13-35 record on the road. Meanwhile, the Rangers and A's will slap-fight down in Arlington. Things could get mighty interesting over the weekend. A few random thoughts:

- Does Scioscia come out to argue something every single game, or just the ones I watch?

- The speculation the other day was that the Yankees might be willing to take on Matt Mantei and Roberto Alomar's contracts from the Diamondbacks to get Randy Johnson; New York would then just release the two, eating the loss. Earlier, there was word the Yankees had tried to get the Angels to deal them Ramon Ortiz, so they could turn around and send him to Arizona. How about a deal whereby we send Ortiz directly to the Snakes, and New York pays Tim Salmon's $9.75 million salary next year?

- In 2005, the Angels will no longer have Aaron Sele or Kevin Appier to pay, and probably won't be paying Troy Percival, either. That's somewhere in the range of $28 million worth of payroll. I wonder how many years Pedro Martinez is going to want. I wonder if Carlos Beltran likes Disneyland.