Purgatory Online

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Angels' pulse, that is. Tonight's a big game; the difference between being five out and being three out is pretty significant at this point. But Colon's excellent performance last night shored up the theory that he's finally coming around, to the point that I'm actually looking forward to his next start.

Unfortunately, the bats again looked pretty dead last night. Guerrero did in fact return to the lineup, and played impressively; if Anderson can do the same starting tonight, the Angels should be in decent shape to hit some of the slacker teams in the League beginning on Thursday.

Word is that Randy Johnson has requested that if the Diamondbacks are going to deal him, the deal get done today so he can prepare for his Friday start. I'd put the odds at about 70-30 he'll stay in Arizona. Although Jarrod Washburn has been placed on the DL, I'm not terribly worried; he'll miss one start, and Ortiz has been pitching well enough as a spot starter. Over the long haul, Johnson would be nice...but not as nice as having four great prospects develop into solid major league players.

Bleah. Sometime I'll have to go back and look at blog entries following West Coast games. I'm pretty sure they reflect the lack of sleep.