Purgatory Online

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Today's look at games of relevance to the Angels:

Red Sox at Devil Rays (Arroyo at Halama), 7:05 ET - The Red Sox look to sweep the Rays, an accomplishment that would leave them feeling pretty good, considering these two teams play each other ten more times after tonight.

A's at Yankees (Harden at Loaiza), 7:05 ET - Jose Contreras, whom the Yankees traded to Chicago for Loaiza, had a pretty good game for the White Sox last night. It would almost be worth seeing the A's win a second game against New York just to get Steinbrenner's reaction to a Loaiza meltdown.

Rangers at Tigers (Bacsik at Johnson), 7:05 ET - You know your pitching staff is in trouble when your choices are (a) a guy with a 6.12 ERA in 19 Major League games and (b) Joaquin Benoit. Showalter's going with (a).

Angels at Twins (Ortiz at Lohse), 8:10 ET - Scioscia flipped Ortiz and Sele this time through the rotation, so Ramon "I Swear to God, This Time Will Be Different" Ortiz continues his quest to woo his way back into the rotation against Kyle Lohse. Good news for the Angels: Lohse gives up lots of tasty hits. Even better news for the Angels: he's a flyball pitcher.

White Sox at Royals (Schoeneweis at Anderson), 8:10 ET - A clash of former Angels. I was stunned to discover that this is Brian Anderson's twelfth season in the Majors. I seem to recall a time when he was about a year away from being the next great pitching superstar; I guess that lasted awhile, huh? His career year in 2003 is being followed by an abysmal 2004 in which he's 1-9 with a 6.94 ERA. Schoeneweis has been adequate for the Sox, and adequate's about all they should need tonight.