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Monday, August 23, 2004

Updating the previous item, this story in the Times puts a significantly more optimistic spin on the "Glaus may return" story, calling it "more imminent than doubtful."

With Glaus back as a full-time DH, we'd see still less playing time for Salmon and DaVanon. I'd expect to see some rumors in the near future that DaVanon could be traded before the waiver deadline next week, but I strongly suspect that nothing will come of it, given that Glaus will be a free agent after this year and the Angels have proven the critics (including me) wrong before by keeping "extra" players as hedges against injury and performance issues (see: Ramon Ortiz).

Also included in that article is a wry bit of sass from Troy Percival, who threw a four-pitch ninth yesterday for the save:
Asked if he could recall a save in which he threw 10 pitches or fewer, Percival said, "Yeah, back in the day, when I used to be good."
You gotta love the guy...