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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Well, that sure was disgusting, wasn't it?

For something like the second time all season, I actually turned last night's game off well before its end. Four double plays in the first four innings? Eleven hits and no runs, while giving up ten runs on eleven hits? You have got to be kidding me.

I thought Lackey looked a little ragged. He's been working quickly over his last few starts, which is a good thing, but his pace seemed to be bordering on frantic last night. Silva, in contrast, has to be the luckiest bastard on two feet. Wishful puffery from Batgirl aside, I sincerely doubt that Silva's "put 'em on to get 'em out" strategy is going to win a whole lot of ballgames in the future.

Still, while the fact that luck and bad timing played a major part in this one may make getting thwacked 10-0 slightly easier to swallow, it does nothing to ameliorate the damage done in the standings. Every one of the teams competing with the Angels for a playoff spot won last night:

Oakland pummeled the Yankees, 13-4
Texas slipped past Detroit, 5-4
Boston took care of business against Tampa, 5-2
Chicago redefined pain for Kansas City, 12-4

...all of which leaves the Angels 3.5 games out of first in the West, and two games out of the wild card. Ow. It hurts so much I'm reduced to cliches.

And now, to quote Richard, "let us never speak of this again."