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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Troy Glaus is DHing today. For the Angels.

At-bat #1: Bottom of the second, Anderson on first, two outs - Glaus lines to left, the ball hanging up just long enough to be caught on the run. Good contact. Salmon is reported as being sent to the DL.

At-bat #2: Bottom of the fourth, nobody on, one out - Glaus grounds to third after taking two strikes. Scioscia has been ejected for arguing a tag at second; he may or may not have been right - impossible to tell from the replays.

At-bat #3: Bottom of the sixth, Guillen on second, two outs - Glaus is intentionally walked to set up the lefty-lefty matchup against Adam Kennedy. Adam Kennedy hits lefties about as effectively as Jackie Kennedy, and pops up to end the inning.

At-bat #4: Bottom of the ninth, tie game, nobody on, one out - Glaus is pitched around and walks. The Twins announcers pronounce this move wise, since, in their words, Glaus is the only Angels hitter besides Guerrero and Guillen who is a threat to hit a home run. This is despite the fact that Adam Kennedy, hitting behind Glaus, hit three home runs against the Twins in game five of the 2002 ALCS. Juan Rincon, a right hander, throws a 3-2 breaking ball and, sure enough, Kennedy hits a walk-off two-run shot to right-center field. Glaus scores the winning run.