Purgatory Online

Thursday, August 05, 2004

So the Halos hopped all over old man Mulholland today, cranking out an 8-3 victory that wasn't in much doubt after the fourth inning or so. All in all, it's been a good few days to be a Rangers fan, with the Texas club taking care of business in a sweep of the Tigers while watching the Angels and A's both drop two out of three to...slightly better nines. The Rangers now trot off to Baltimore, and, while the Angels can't expect to gain too much ground whilst the division leaders are in Charm City, they do get a little bit of a breather in the form of a wraparound series in Kansas City. Three out of four at a minimum, guys, okay?

Meanwhile, the Angels have acquired Andres Galarraga and assigned him to Salt Lake, in addition to calling up catcher Wil Nieves. When I first heard this I could have sworn that the Angels had actually had Galarraga on their roster for a couple of months or so before, but I checked and discovered my understandable mistake: it was Cecil Fielder, in 1998.

Both Rob and Chronicles mention the possibility that Galarraga's signing may herald the return of Darin Erstad to center field. Gentlemen, I am skeptical. Scioscia's shown no propensity to even entertain the notion so far; I expect that if Galarraga looks good in Salt Lake he'll be promoted to get time at DH, not first base.