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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I had the Twins' feed on last night, so I don't know if Hudler and Physioc mentioned this, but I don't see any coverage of it in the papers today: last night, Garret Anderson got his 5695th at-bat as an Angel, giving him one more than Tim Salmon. Salmon does not figure to pass Anderson ever again, meaning he came within 161 at-bats of breaking Brian Downing's record for ABs with the Angels and earning the title, however briefly, of "Mr. Angel." Assuming Salmon plays out his contract and returns in 2005, he'll certainly pass Downing - but Anderson will do it sooner.

B.D. had 5854 at-bats for the Angels; Anderson should get there in late September.

Update: It came to me that one might reasonably argue that "Mr. Angel" is a title that should belong to the player with the most games played, rather than the most at-bats. In that case, Brian Downing is still the current champeen, with 1661, but he will likely be dethroned by Salmon next year, who will be overtaken by Anderson a year or two thereafter. The current top four:

1. Downing - 1661
2. Salmon - 1586
3. Jim Fregosi - 1429
4. Anderson - 1425